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Monday, 29 December 2014

Honey Mustard Ham

Hi guys, this is a recipe I made a while ago. My mum had brought me up a large gammon steak and it sat in my freezer for a couple of months as I simply had no idea how to cook it (I don't like pineapple). Come the Christmas holidays and there I am, trying to use up all the edible contents of my kitchen, still with no clue about the gammon. Cue Delia online and her gammon with honey and mustard recipe. Perfect, I thought, and then I realised that my steak was only one but much larger than her two (Liam was also eating it). What to do? What to do? I decided to follow her instructions and just increase the measurements to work for my steak. It was time to get my calculator out. I'm going to make things easier for you and say that if you have a steak that's for x number of people then just times the numbers by that. And maybe add a little extra, after all, more of this delicious sauce isn't a bad thing.

I served this with the leftover sauce, peas and boiled potatoes and it was delicious - far more interesting than just boiling a whole gammon (though probably not quite as good for you).

Honey Mustard Gammon
Serves 2 (or just increase the numbers)
Preheat grill

25g butter 
Gammon steak(s) weighing about 200g per person
2tbsp runny honey
1¼tbsp dijon mustard
2tsp English mustard (if you like it hot change this to 1tbsp)
Black pepper to taste
Peas (optional)
New potatoes (optional)

Place the butter in a large oven proof baking dish and leave to melt under hot grill.
(Cut the potatoes in half and place in a pan filled with cold water.  Put pan on the heat and cook for 10 minutes once the water has reached boiling point).
Cut the fat around the gammon in a few places (it'll stop the steak from curling up). If you really don't want the fat then you can just trim it off now.
In a big bowl mix together the honey, two mustards and ground pepper and place the gammon on top so that the underside is covered in the mixture.
Remove the baking dish from under the grill and place the gammon in it, honey/mustard side down.
Pour the remaining marinade over the top of the gammon, mixing it in with the butter, and return to the grill.
Grill for about 5 minutes on this side, basting the top with the marinade from the pan halfway through.
(Put the peas on to cook).
Turn the gammon over in the pan and grill for a further 5 minutes, basting again partway through.
Remove from grill and check to see if the gammon is cooked all the way through, if not repeat the previous step.
Remove from grill and serve with potatoes and peas, pouring the sauce from the pan over everything

Lovely and juicy

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