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Everything I use in my recipes is purchased with my (or occasionally, my parents') money unless denoted by an asterisk (*), which means I was given them for review purposes. The posts involving these products will also be marked with an asterisk (*) and placed in the tab entitled "reviews". I won't recommend something I (and those I cook for) dislike as I don't feel that that is fair.

I enjoy trying new products and brands so if you have stumbled across my blog and would like me to review something then please get in touch at


All opinions and errors are my own, please make suggestions and corrections in the comments and I will try them out and see if the recipe should be adjusted accordingly. I do however, reserve the right to remove comments for any reason that I see fit, so please keep it polite and roughly on topic!


Please remember that cooking can be dangerous, I have enough scars to prove that you must pay attention in the kitchen (and not to throw things into hot oil without looking) so make sure you know what you're doing and try not to get hurt! I can take no responsibility for how the dishes turn out if you don't follow the recipe, nor for you injuring yourself (or anyone else for that matter) while you cook my recipes. Thank you.

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I love to cook and this blog follows my successes (and a few failures) in the kitchen. If you enjoy my posts, or think there is a problem with a recipe then please let me know