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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Making Mascarpone

This weekend I attended a food writing course at All Hallows Farmhouse in Dorset, taught by the wonderful Karen Barnes of delicious. magazine. I learnt how to improve all aspects of my writing and I hope that you will see changes going forward. There will now be a section on my blog devoted to pieces that I feel are more than just recipes, such as memories, stories and listicles (10 things you may not know about spices coming soon). Below is a 200 word exercise written after Lisa, from All Hallows, showed us how easy it is to make Mascarpone.


What do you use Mascarpone for? I layer it in tiramisu, dollop it in risotto and smear it on cheesecake. Normally I'd buy mascarpone readymade but at All Hallows Farmhouse I learnt how to make it in just five minutes. I couldn't believe how straightforward the recipe was.

You need just two ingredients: double cream and tartaric acid. Apparently Waitrose cream is best (I knew there was a reason I shopped there!) as results from richer creams, such as those from Jersey, Guernsey and even Ayrshire, vary too much.

Tartaric acid is key as it reacts with the hot cream to create Mascarpone. It's made from grape skins and best bought online but in a pinch you could use the juice of half a lemon.

Line a sieve rested within a bowl with 4 layers of cheesecloth (a new j-cloth or clean tea towel would also work). The pan (preferably without internal rivets) must be scrupulously clean before you pour in 1 pint of double cream. Heat slowly until it reaches 85 degrees centigrade; use a thermometer for accuracy. Take it off the heat and mix in a pinch of tartaric acid - too much will make it gritty. Pour into the lined bowl and leave to cool before placing in a sterilised jar in the fridge. Use within 3 days. 

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