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Saturday, 27 May 2017

We Won an Award!

As you might have guessed from the sudden trailing off of posts, my writing gig at The Mancunion has mostly come to an end. In fact, in less than a week my time at the University of Manchester will be over and then it's on to pastures new.

My last essay! And the most interesting

Currently I'm procrastinating grammar revision and thought I'd let you know about an exciting development. As you might know, Miriam and I are co-editors of the food and drink section at The Mancunion and a couple of weeks ago we won Best Section during the 2017 Celebrate Week Awards ceremony. This is quite impressive (and slightly surreal) when you consider the fact that we've only been editing the pages since January.

The award itself

Sadly I had an exam the morning after the awards so there are no images of me in a fancy dress with my colleagues but I do have the one above... taken with my front facing camera so the writing is backwards. I'll try to take another the right way around soon.

Bolognese, Gnocchi and Cheesy Broccoli

With four essays, a presentation, and five exams to do my time since Easter has been mostly spent at my desk. I tend to become productive in the evenings, which causes no end of problems with regards to what I eat as a last minute supper (I never want to see shop brought ravioli again). To resolve this issue, I've been trying out recipe boxes - Hello Fresh and Gousto - so that all the ingredients are there and ready for me. It's been a bit of a mixed success but they did mean I ate sensibly while report writing.

One of my weaknesses, Nutella brownies
Having eaten my weight in sweet treats while revising I know I'm going to struggle to stick with my parents' new no sugar diet this summer (not that it will do me any harm). If anyone has tips for cutting back on chocolate then let me know!

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