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Thursday, 6 November 2014


So, the commenting issue has been partially resolved - I don't know if Gmail accounts work but if you select 'name and URL' (you don't have to have a URL) then you can post a comment. The other unforeseen thing is, as I changed my blog's name, you need you resubscribe to keep getting emails - sorry about that!

My next post will go live in a few hours and involves a delicious fruit and cake pudding, perfect for the cold of winter with a summer kick of raspberries and nectarines. Coming up, I'm making Chinese potstickers, a sausage pasta bake that's perfect for a no fuss meal, and something as yet undecided with chicken.

Do you have any ideas as to what I could cook with my two chicken breasts? Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

Until later!

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